The world doesn’t care

Ever felt that intense sense of despair, a dreading realization that the world doesn’t revolves around you, and never has.

If one doesn’t initiate anything, nothing of any worth would ever be created. It is not sufficient to simply work hard, to follow all the rules perfectly, to play the game by conventions, to transverse the well-trodden path, because that only leads to where everyone ended up at. I’m feeling this extremely strongly now as I have been following that path almost all my life.

And to think something of value would come from this is naive, worse, outright stupid. The world has never cared if you worked hard, especially when everyone is essentially doing the same — ‘working hard’.

If there’s one thing to bring away from this little rant, let it be this — you are responsible for being the average person you are.




just another sapien that felt the urge to share

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Local philosopher

Local philosopher

just another sapien that felt the urge to share

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