The Beginning of Infinity

This marks my first ever blog post. I will be using this blog site to post whatever intrigues me,

be it whether there would be an audience or not, I just felt the need to express myself through a medium as such, as I have been feeling constraints in expressing myself.

A quick background as to the circumstances I’m in: I’m from a Southeast Asia country that is

in my opinion and experience an utter shithole, but I’m fortunate enough to get to attend college and study computer science at a reputable institution. As of me speaking now, the world is undergoing a pandemic outbreak and everything’s been going to shit, and the situation has only been declining according to my observations (accurate of course).

This has led to me being at home for almost 2 years, taking online classes after online classes, while I did get to learn a lot of technical skills and completed some projects that I’m proud of, nevertheless I’m still feel a certain force of suppression, limiting me from pursuing my highest aspirations.

At the risk of repeating myself, hence the blog, as a means of journaling and organizing my thoughts to prevent my mental state from degrading like how the world is now. I hope this would suffice for now to provide a little backstory as to why this website even exists to begin with.

Until next time.




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