Random thoughts after an unsatisfactory week of online classes

TL:DR I got lonely and bored of online classes + my time management sucked so now I’m being introspective

Well, I’ve always thought I would adapt to online classes nicely unlike the ‘rest of them’, guess that proposition wasn't true. This week, I came to a steep realization that prolonged isolation + a tad bit heavy of assignments was all it took for me to be pushed onto the edge of existential depression and self doubting my capabilities. I feel that I could be doing much more, and that I should be doing much more. But instead all I’ve done is pretend to be working hard and being productive, while actually being unable to exit my comfort zone, this zone where I act as if I’m doing my best, giving my all to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself. Whatever your conscious mind denies, somewhere deep inside knows what we’ve done, and who we’ve failed — ourselves. Slowly but surely, my mind wasn’t able to hold in that guilt anymore, like a dam that is bound to erupt under the waters of a huge ass flood.

That being said, complaining helps no one, so here’s what I thought I needed to change:

  1. Decrease duration of unnecessary break times between classes/studies session

I’ve been resting too much over this past week, I’m talking one episode of drama after each class (2hours session) to recuperate and continue my studies. Obviously(not that obvious to me at first), over resting is just another form of procrastination, and once you’ve rested for too long, you get lazy. Make it quicker, as quick as possible.

2. Use calender blocking

This past week, I didn't know what tasks to do at times, and this has caused me a lot of wasted times to plan things out and exert willpower to discipline myself not to watch too much westworld (season 3 sucks) or rest when I should be doing them.

Some quick googling has led me to what I’ve seen from most people as an efficient way of managing time — calender blocking. Thus, I’ve decided to give it a try the upcoming up week.

3. Try to be more proactive and interactive in classes

Online classes are hard enough for me to make new friends and have an actual connection with another human being, so being passive and not initiating a simple conversation or discussions in that awkward breakout room IS NOT going to help you at all. Given the situation we’re in (Covid shitstorm, online classes and all), being proactive and initiating is what’s required if one is to make the best out of this condition.

4. Remind yourself of the goal

Throughout these moments of weakness and a lot of negative emotions, I felt how easy it is for me to lose sight on why I’m even doing all this hard things, and without that final vision of what we’re trying to achieve, it’s near impossible to push through those tough times. Therefore, it would be wise and motivating to remind yourself of your final goal every morning. Eyes on the price so you don’t trip and fall to death from the rope.

Final thoughts:

Always analyze the situation, there’s always a way out. Stop complaining, get some.



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